Prices stated apply to a single, simple bust portrait if not otherwise specified. Fullbody portraits, additional subjects or additional versions of the same animal in a single portrait will be charged extra. Detailed backgrounds will be charged approximately 50% extra. Please inquire for sizes different from shown!
Traditional portraits will be shipped unframed and unmounted by default with the exception of charcoal pieces, which will be already mounted. For digital portraits I'll provide a private link with the full resolution image for you to download. If desired I can upload the file to my Society6, where you can get a high quality print.

Shipping cost is extra; shipping worldwide.


bust speedpaint
starting at 50€
fullbody speedpaint
starting at 90€


18 x 24 cm
starting at 150€
24 x 30 cm
starting at 190€
30 x 40 cm
starting at 250€
40 x 50 cm
starting at 400€


starting at 85€
36 x 48 cm
starting at 200€


18 x 26 cm
starting at 80€
21 x 30 cm
starting at 100€
31 x 41 cm
starting at 190€


Single-Karte (6,4 x 8,9 cm)
starting at 30€
2 piece maxi
starting at 40€
3 piece maxi
starting at 50€
4 piece maxi
starting at 60€


starting at 200€
starting at 500€