Commission info

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Shown prices apply to a single bust portrait unless otherwise stated. Fullbody portraits, detailed backgrounds, additional subjects or additional versions of the same animal in a single portrait will be charged extra; please inquire.

Traditional portraits will be shipped unframed and unmounted by default with the exception of charcoal pieces, which will be already mounted. For digital portraits I'll provide a private link with the full resolution image for you to download.

Shipping cost is extra; shipping worldwide EXCEPT Bulgaria, France, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain.

Watercolor ACEO

Artist Trading Card: 55+€

size 2.5" x 3.5"

Digital - speedpaint

Speedpaint bust: 157+€
Speedpaint fullbody: 248+€

300dpi, max. size A3

Digital - detailed

Detailed bust: 348+€

300dpi, max. size A3

Digital - chibi

Chibi fullbody: 66+€

300dpi, size appr. 2x2"

Digital - cel-shaded

Cel-shaded portrait: 165+€

300dpi, max. size A3

Digital - fantasy

Fantasy portrait: 281+€

300dpi, max. size A3

How to Order

Send me one or if possible several images of your pet or OC via email to jspenke@gmx.de. Ideally at least one of the images is one that you really like and that show all important features that are unique to your pet. For OCs I need at least one visual reference with all important features. Best suited for reference images are pictures in high resolution that clearly show important details like eye color, nose/ mouth/ ears and coat colors. However, if need be I can work with lower quality images, too.
Please note: If you didn't take the photos yourself make sure you ask the photographer's permission to use it for a commissioned painting BEFORE ordering to protect their copyright!

Please include the following things in your email:
- pics of each pet/ OC you'd like to get painted (exception: wildlife portraits if you don't have pics of your own)
- name of each pet/ OC
- breed or species
- which type of artwork you're interested in (bust/ fullbody, which of the above styles)
- if you'd like a simple or detailed background and any ideas you might already have for the background

I'll get back to you with a confirmation and a quote. If you accept the quote I'll do one or several concepts and send them to you. After we've finalized the concept I'll ask for a partial payment (if appl.) and start your portrait. Once it's finished I'll send you a low resolution file and once you've approved of it, I'll ask for the remaining payment. Once I've received it I'll ship your portrait or, in case of digital work, send you a link to the full resolution image. All traditional paintings are shipped with a tracking number by default.

Please note: Ordering a portrait does not include any commercial rights to the portrait. Those have to be arranged separately.

Terms of Service

The following terms may be updated, extended or changed by the artist without notice. They apply to noncommercial works only. Commercial rights and commissions must be arranged separately.

Prices and Payment

Payment methods: Paypal invoice, SEPA

(1) Displayed prices apply to a single bust portrait with either a simple colored or a white background. Fullbody portraits, additional animals and complex backgrounds each raise the price.
(2) The total consists of the price of the unframed portrait and costs for packaging and shipping (where applicable).
(3) Portraits up to 100€ must be paid in full after the client accepted the layout sketch and before the artist begins working on the painting. For portraits from 100,01€ upwards at least 50% of the total must be paid after accepting the layout sketch. The remaining amount must be paid after the work is finished and before it is shipped.
(4) Payment plans can be arranged from 200€ upwards.
(5) The client will receive their painting only after the total is paid.

Revisions and Canceling

(6) The client may ask for up to two alterations during and after the painting stage, as long as the used media allow for it and it does not reduce the artistic quality of the painting.
(7) The client may cancel the commission at any time. All rights of the portrait remain with the artist. The started portrait may be finished and sold by the artist.
(7a) If the client cancels the commission before work on the actual painting has begun they will be refunded their advance payment in full.
(7b) If the client cancels the commission before detailed work on the painting has begun they will be refunded half of what they paid.
(7c) If the client cancels the commission after detailed work on the painting has begun they will not be refunded their payment.

Rights to the artwork and its preliminary work

(8) The artist reserves the right to display the portrait on her website, online galleries or other online platforms. If the portrait is a time-sensitive gift this display can be timed accordingly at the request of the client.
(9) The artist retains all rights to the paintings, including the rights to make and sell prints and merchandise. This clause naturally excludes making prints, merchandise, etc. of OCs (Original Characters), who are property of their respective owners/ copyright holders. In these cases, the artist retains the right to simply show the artwork along with credit to the OCs copyright info on her website, social media and other platforms.
(10) Concepts and sketches that were rejected by the client or from cancelled commissions may be re-used by the artist for other commissions or personal work.
(11) The client has the right to resell the physical portrait. Beyond that they may not profit from the artwork in any way or form.
(12) The client has the right to scale down or crop the scan of the painting for use as icons, wallpapers and the like. The artwork itself may not be altered while doing so.
(13) The client may display the watermarked scan of the painting on their personal website or gallery, as long as the name of the artist and a link to one of her websites (e.g. https://js-tierportraits.de, https://elektroyu.tumblr.com, more links under Contact) are mentioned.

Miscellaneous terms

(14) The artist reserves the right to reject a commission for any reason.
(15) The artist enables the client to be informed frequently about the status of the commission. This may happen publicly via Facebook and Tumblr or, at request of the client, privately via email.
(16) The artist is not responsible for inaccurate information regarding the copyrights of the photos provided by the client. The client either has all rights on the photos themselves or they must, if necessary in written form, ensure that the owner of the rights has agreed to use the photos as reference for a commissioned painting.
(17) The client must have read, understood and agreed to the terms stated above before commissioning the artist. By sending full or partial payment to the artist the client agrees to the above terms.